DigiTech Bad Monkey™ Tube Overdrive

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A Tubescreamer-like effects pedal with a 2-band EQ.

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A Tubescreamer-like effects pedal with a 2-band EQ, which opens up additional sound-options.


  • Controls for Level, Low, High and Gain
  • Mixer Out and Amp Out
  • Built in cabinet simulation

Pedal specifications

Dimensions12 × 7 × 5 cm
Made In


Powered via


Power consumption

17 mA



7.9 cm


12.4 cm


5.3 cm


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1 review for DigiTech Bad Monkey™ Tube Overdrive

  1. stephan

    Yes, I already owned two of those before Josh Scott pushed the hype about it. And in the end all he was showing is, that every overdrive pedal can sound the same as another one – for specific settings (you may not even prefer on their own)!

    The point he really proves though is, that the Bad Monkey is an affordable Tubescreamer-variant with additional tonal options due to the 2-band EQ.

    And also the color and font makes it one of the better looking DigiTech pedals (for me).
    For sure no collectable, but I will keep mine and not sell it only because for some days/weeks people think the market will explode forever for it.

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