Ressources for effects pedals information

Here we list a variety of resources to help you learn more about these essential tools for shaping your sound. From online forums and manufacturer websites, to YouTube demos and local music stores, all these can help provide you with the knowledge and tools you need. Explore our resources and learn more about those effects boxes at your feet.

Best Ressources

  1. Online guitar and bass forums – these forums are a great place to ask questions, share information, and get advice from other musicians. Some popular forums include The Gear Page, The Fretboard, and TalkBass.
    Harmony Central has also been one of the big ones, but is far from its best days today.
  2. Manufacturer websites – most pedal manufacturers have their own websites with detailed information about their products, including specifications, demos, and user manuals. First, check out the “products” or “gear” section of the website to see the full range of pedals that the manufacturer offers. These pages typically include detailed product descriptions, specifications, and photos of the pedals, which can help you get a sense of what each pedal does and how it might fit into your setup. In addition to product descriptions, many manufacturer websites also have audio or video demos of their pedals, which can be a great way to hear how the pedals sound and get a feel for what they are capable of. If you’re considering purchasing a pedal from a particular manufacturer, it’s also a good idea to check for updates and firmware releases.
  3. YouTube – there are countless videos on YouTube demonstrating and reviewing guitar and bass effects pedals. You can find demos of different pedals, comparisons of different models, and advice on how to use them. Some YouTube channels and social media groups even host live Q&A sessions and workshops, where musicians can ask questions and get personalized feedback on their gear and setup.
  4. Music magazines and websites – many music magazines and websites, such as Guitar Player, The Tone Quest Report and Premier Guitar, have articles and reviews on guitar and bass effects pedals. Websites like and Premier Guitar offer articles, reviews, and interviews with musicians and gear experts.
  5. Online retailers – online retailers like Sweetwater and Thomann often have product descriptions, demos, and customer reviews of guitar and bass effects pedals. They may also offer financing options and free shipping, making it easier to purchase pedals if you’re on a budget or don’t have a local music store nearby. Some online stores also have a “try before you buy” program, where you can rent pedals for a short period of time to try them out before committing to a purchase.
  6. Local music stores – visiting a local music store can be a great way to get hands-on experience with different pedals and get advice from knowledgeable staff. These stores often have a wide selection of pedals from different brands, as well as a team of sales associates who can help you find the right pedals for your needs. Many local stores also offer repair services and rental programs, which can be useful if you have a pedal that needs maintenance or want to try out a pedal before committing to a purchase. Some stores also have a used gear section, where you can find pedals at a lower price point.
  7. Other musicians – networking with other musicians and asking for their recommendations and experiences with different pedals can be a valuable source of information. Other musicians can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their own experiences and preferences They can help you identify pedals that might work well with your setup and give you tips on how to use them to achieve the sound you’re looking for. In addition, other musicians can be a great source of inspiration and can help you discover new pedals and gear that you might not have considered otherwise. Another advantage of talking to other musicians is that you can get a more realistic and nuanced perspective on pedals and gear. While online reviews and articles can be helpful, they can sometimes be biased or misleading, and they don’t always provide a full picture of what a pedal or piece of gear is capable of. By talking to other musicians, you can get a more balanced and accurate assessment of the pedals and gear you’re considering, and you can get a sense of how they might perform in different settings and situations. In addition you may be able to directly test out gear of friends or even borrow it from them for some time. This can be a good way to save money and avoid the hassle of purchasing and setting up new gear on a tight timeline.

Link List

If you like the classic forum experience The Gear Page is the biggest one out there and has a dedicated section for effects pedal.

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