tc electronic Flashback Delay

The original tc electronic Flashback in the standard version.



The original tc electronic Flashback in the standard version is (also thanks to TonePrint) still one of the most versatile delay pedals on the market.


  • Controls for Delay, Feedback and FX level.
  • Mode selector for: 2290 / ANA / TAPE / LOFI / DYN / MOD. / P.PONG / SLAP / RVS / LOOP / TONE PRINT
  • 9 classic delay settings from Analog to Tape and LoFi to Slap and Reverse.
  • In loop mode you always have a small looper with you
  • With TonePrint you can additionally add countless presets, signature settings and your own created sounds via computer (Micro-USB) or app (via the pickups!)
  • Switch for dotted eighths to achieve different rhythmic patterns
  • Mono/Stereo In and Mono/Stereo Out


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