tc electronic Flashback II Delay and Looper

The new version of the tc electronic Flashback



The new version of the tc electronic Flashback adds the mash functionality to the pedal.


  • Controls for Delay, Feedback and Level.
  • Mode selector for: 2290 / ANA / TAPE / LOFI / DYN / MOD. / P.PONG / SLAP / RVS / LOOP / TONE PRINT
  • 7 classic delay settings from Analog to Tape and LoFi to Slap and Reverse.
  • In loop mode you always have a small looper with you
  • With TonePrint you can additionally add countless presets (3 storage spaces), signature settings and your own created sounds via computer (Micro-USB) or app (via the pickups!)
  • Switch for dotted eighths to achieve different rhythmic patterns
  • Mono/Stereo In and Mono/Stereo Out

New in version II:

  • New TC MASH technology turns the footswitch into a pressure-sensitive expression controller
  • New Ethereal Delay algorithm
  • When used in mono, the stereo input can be used as a tap tempo input for an external footswitch

Pedal specifications

Dimensions12 × 7 × 5 cm

7.1 cm


12.2 cm


5.1 cm

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