tc electronic Alter Ego V2 Vintage Echo

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Versatile stereo multi-delay from tc electronic. And with TonePrint it can be even further expanded.



Versatile stereo multi-delay from tc electronic with legendary delay sounds and toneprint in a compact pedal format. Also includes a 40 second mono/20 second stereo looper.


  • Controls for Time, Feedback and Level
  • 3-way toggle switch for different settings per delay sound
  • 9 delay sounds:
    • EREC2: Binson Echorec 2
    • DMM C: Electro-Harmonix Deluxe MemoryMan Chorus
    • T ORG: Tel Ray Organ Tone
    • 2290 M: TC Electronic 2290 Modulated
    • REV M: Reverse Modulated
    • BDM2: Boss DM-2
    • CKAT: Watkins Copykat
    • EP1: Maestro Echoplex 1
    • SP: Roland Space Echo
    • LP: Looper Setting
    • TP: TonePrint (switchable)
  • Mono/Stereo In and Out
  • True Bypass/Buffered Bypass (internal switch)
  • Kill-dry on/off (internal switch)

Pedal specifications

Dimensions12 × 7 × 5 cm
Made In


Powered via


7.1 cm


12.2 cm


5.1 cm



1 review for tc electronic Alter Ego V2 Vintage Echo

  1. stephan

    The tc electronic Alter Ego V2 is an interesting mixture of a digital effects pedal with high quality class sounds and the new TonePrint technology.
    More classic as a tc Flashback, but not less versatile (even if it misses some features of it)

    I think many players will also prefer it to a Flashback due to the more classic looks.

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