Mooer Hustle Drive

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Mooer’s take on the Fulltone OCD in their mini pedal format.



Mooer’s take on the Fulltone OCD in their mini pedal format.


  • Controls for Volume, Tone and Drive
  • Mode switch: HP (High Peak) / LW (Low Peak)

Pedal specifications

Made In


Powered via

Power consumption

6 mA



4.2 cm


9.4 cm


5.2 cm


1 review for Mooer Hustle Drive

  1. stephan

    I can not say if this really sound like an original Fulltone OCD, as I only every had clones of it.
    But it is very similar to those other pedals and if you prefer the mini pedal format it is a very good option.

    But as it is with distortion pedals for me. The affordable ones may sound very similar, but if you already have a high-end one you will just keep this.
    In this specific case I have even cheaper OCD-clones which can also be battery-powered and sound as good (and are bigger though, but that’s no issue in my case).

    So a very good sounding pedal (and I really like the HP/LP switch which are both usabele – but I would never switch that live!) you can try out for sure. There are better ones out there (even for the money) imho, but you may just like it!

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