BOSS SD-1 SuperDrive

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A simple 3-knob high-gain overdrive effects pedal by Boss. With also more high-end than their other overdrives it offers a different tonal range.



A simple 3-knob overdrive effects pedal by Boss with more high-end than their other overdrives.


  • Controls for Level, Tone and Drive

1 review for BOSS SD-1 SuperDrive

  1. stephan

    Classic overdrive sound which I still keep on the board despite some “boutique” competition.
    It stacks very nice with my electro-harmonix Soul Food (Klon-clone) while you can also keep it after a distortion pedal to give the signal some different character.

    Only in some setups I would switch it for a Blues Driver which (for me at least) has more headroom and less present highs (if those features are needed).

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