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The PackRat is JHS Pedals’ tribute to different versions and adpotions of the ProCo RAT.

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The PackRat is JHS Pedals’ tribute to different versions and adpotions of the ProCo RAT.


  • Controls for Volume, Distortion and Filter
  • Version selector: OG / WHT / TRB  / BRAT / DRTY / LA / GRF / Caroline / JHS
  • All version are fully analog circuits built from 261 components and switched through 40 individual switches


  1. The OG V1 (1979-83) is a recreation of the first production RAT.

  2. White Face V3 (1984-1986): Identical to the OG version except for the reversed filter control.

  3. Turbo V5 (1989): The Turbo RAT used LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) for clipping instead of the silicion diodes used in all previous models.

  4. BRAT V6 (1997): The BRAT and the identical Guitar Center exclusive, Roadkill, have been more affordable versions of the RAT with some bigger changes to the original circuit. It added an input buffer circuit and soft clippingon top of the hard clipping.

  5. Dirty V7 (2004): The “Dirty RAT” circuit utilizes germanium diodes in the symmetrical hard clipping section. This gives it the most saturation of any version ever made.

  6. LA (1986): Ibanez’s 10 Series contained 3 RAT style pedals: The Super Product, the Fat Cat and the more modified LA Metal. It includes an input buffer and no clipping diodes at all. The distortion is completely produced by overloading the op amp.

  7. Landgraff MO’D (1999): Landgraff pedals were handbuilt in Pensacola, Florida. Their distortion pedal was the “MO’D,” a distant relative of the RAT.

  8. Caroline (2010): Carolina pedals from South Carolina built the Wave Cannon, which is a very unique take on the RAT.

  9. JHS Mode: The original JHS PackRat mod for a ProCo RAT which they did from 2008-2018.


Pedal specifications

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1 review for JHS Pedals PackRat

  1. stephan

    Immediatly replaced my RAT pedal, as it sounded as good as the original, but offers even more options.
    In facht you will only use the one setting you like best and maybe someday you will get that original and don’t play the RatPack so often anymore.
    But currently I am still in love with the flexibility, build and sound quality and especially the general idea behind that pedal.

    So this covers all my rougher distortion needs. – I still kept my RAT for now and for the more low-gain RAT-style sound I still prefer my T-Rex Mudhoney. – But the JHS RatPack is my current favorite for sound and flexibility.

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