Suhr Riot

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The Suhr Riot is a distortion pedal which wants to delivery the sound and feel of a high-gain tube amp.



The Suhr Riot is a high-gain distortion pedal which wants to delivery the sound and feel of a high-gain tube amp.


  • Controls for Dist(ortion), Level, Tone
  • Switch for 3 voicings
  • FX Link: Remote control of the Voice switch possible

The Suhr Riot features a Level knob that controls the overall volume of the effect, a Distortionknob that controls the amount of distortion applied to the signal, and a Tone knob that adjusts the EQ of the effect. The pedal also features a three-position toggle switch that allows the user to select between different distortion modes, including a vintage and a high-gain mode.

It is known for its thick and aggressive distortion tones, and is a popular choice among guitarists looking for a high-gain distortion pedal. It is suitable for a wide range of musical styles, and can be used to achieve a wide range of tones, from smooth and bluesy to heavily distorted and aggressive.

Pedal specifications



Made In

Powered via


Power consumption

8 mA


6.4 cm


11.4 cm


3.2 cm


0.272 kg



1 review for Suhr Riot

  1. stephan

    Still my favorite distortion pedal!

    After trying a lot of stuff, this is still on my pedalboard. With its unique character and low noise floor (there are some very good clones of the Suhr Riot out there which come very close tone-wise, but are all much more noisy!) it covers most of my needs. The 3 modes are distinctively different, but as you can’t easily switch it while playing, I leave it at my favorite one and that’s it.

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