Harley Benton MiniStomp Fuzzy Logic

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Harley Benton’s take on the (red) germanium Fuzz Face.



Harley Benton’s take on the (red) germanium Fuzz Face from the MiniStomp series.


  • Controls for Volume and Fuzz

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3.8 cm


9.2 cm


3.2 cm

1 review for Harley Benton MiniStomp Fuzzy Logic

  1. stephan

    I bought all 3 fuzz variant from the Harley Benton MiniStomp series directly when they came out.

    All 3 are quite different approaches to a fuzz sound, but in general the Fuzzy Logic is the best regarding sound flexibility for me:
    A good, usable basic sound and the fuzz can be controlled by the volume pot.
    It’s built well, as you are now used to from all mini-pedals. The operability of the small knobs is o.k.-ish, as one will find his/her favorite sound soon and then most likely not touch the settings again.

    The only major downside: The basic volume is borderline low and the pedal therefore (at least in my setups) only usable with volume fully up – which takes away one control option completely! – But this also has the advantage that you do not have to worry about the very small volume control 😉
    (Btw. the volume seems to be issue for all 3 fuzz pedals from that series!)

    I kept this one and as it is extremely cheap while useable I think it deserves a good rating!

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