electro-harmonix Octavix

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Fuzz pedal by electro-harmonix with an octave effect. Also including a switch to (internally) scale up to 18V for more headroom.

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Fuzz pedal by electro-harmonix with an octave effect.


  • Controls for Volume, Boost and Octave
  • 9V/18V (internal) switch for more headroom

Pedal specifications

Made In



Powered via


Power consumption

62 mA



7 cm


11.5 cm


5.7 cm

1 review for electro-harmonix Octavix

  1. stephan

    Fantastic sounding octave Fuzz which only misses the 5-star-rating for me as the octave effect is too subtly for me even in extreme settings. I know this may be specific for that kind of effect, but still I think there are far more versatile octave fuzzes out there (thought most of them are also far more expensive)!

    The switch to got to 18 Volt internally is nice to have as an option, but as it mostly sounds better to me switched on, i just keep it there and never touch it.

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