DigiTech DigiVerb Digital Reverb

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The classic Digital Reverb pedal by DigiTech from the X-Series. It offers 7 reverb types and stereo output.



The classic Digital Reverb effects pedal by DigiTech from the X-Series was one of the first “studio-quality” digital reverbs in stompbox format.


  • Controls for Level, EQ, Decay and Type
  • 7 Reverb-Types: Room, Plate, Hall, Church, Gated, Reverse, Spring
  • Mono/Stereo Out
  • CITâ„¢ Cabinet Modeling

Pedal specifications

Made In


Powered via


Power consumption

4.8 W



7.9 cm


12.4 cm


5.3 cm


0.64 kg


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1 review for DigiTech DigiVerb Digital Reverb

  1. stephan

    I am personally no big fan of most of the digital DigiTech pedals, but they have their place.
    Affordable to get (used) they offer solid digital effects in different varieties.
    In this case 7 more or less usable Reverb sounds. – Less not because of bad sounds, but because I sometimes fail to see the difference in some Room/Plate/Hall settings. I need a solid alround Reverb effect and then like the additional crazy/spicy/athmospheric option.
    In that regard the DigiVerb “only” offers a Reverse Reverb.

    To sum it up: A pedal I would recommend to test the basic sounds and you will have no issue using it.
    But for only the basics there are even cheaper options and on the other end of the Reverb spectrum modern digital reverb pedals already go several steps further in creativity and sound.

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