Behringer BOD400 Bass Overdrive

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Behringer’s current take on the ODB-3 Bass Overdrive.



Behringer’s current take on the ODB-3 Bass Overdrive.

With the Balance control you can blend in as much overdrive effect as needed to still keep enough bassend for your sound.


  • Controls for Level, Low, High, Gain and Bal(ance)

Pedal specifications

Dimensions12,3 × 7 × 5,4 cm
Made In


Powered via



7 cm


12.3 cm


5.4 cm

1 review for Behringer BOD400 Bass Overdrive

  1. stephan

    Bass Overdrive is a tricky effect and the most important part is to have it flexible enough for your setup, because it can get muddy so easily.

    The Behringer BOD is what it is: A clone of the BOSS ODB-3 and if you want a cheaper option for that it works. – As for all Behringer pedals: You don’t want to tweak that live and that is why my rating is lower here: Not because it is a bad pedal, but because it feels so much cheaper than the ODB-3 , that I would always recommend to search for a used BOSS original (which are widely available for reasonable money) first before going for it.

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